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Oerlikon LMS EMU

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NEW Electrical Multiple Unit Stock. Dia 1727

The latest production is the Oerlikon LNWR sets, compatable with 57′ suburban stock. These will have the same specification as the 2BIL units, working lights etc, and feature the superb powered axle produced by Slaters. Normally operated as a three coach set, occasionally they would haul eight carriages, this can be achieved by changing the “dummy” trailing power bogie to a working unit, making a very impressive train.

There are a choice of liveries, LMS fully lined. MSJA green, fully lined. LMS simplified and BR. Please note that only a very limited number will be made, five or less.

LMS 1st class 6 5′ Diner Dia. 1902

Full specification, 14 hand made scale table lamps (working lights), ball bearings, choice of couplings.

If you’d like to know more about these units please do contact Peter.

Oerlikon LMS EMU Stock Dia 1727

Oerlikon LMS EMU Stock Dia 1727

LMS 1st class 6 5' Diner Dia. 1902

LMS 1st class 6 5' Diner Dia. 1902